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PPP Support To Algeria 

Client : CNED - Caisse Nationale d'Equipement pour le Développment 

Location : Algeria

Year : 2020 - 2021 

Main Project Features:

In order to operationalize the existing PPP framework, the Republic of Algeria via " La Caisse Nationale d'Equipement pour le Dévelopmment" (CNED should set up a PPP program to ensure the enactment of a new PPP law, a successful start-up of PPPs by institutionalizing this contractual tool and ensuring the success of the first PPPs (in addition to the   desalination sector) in Algeria. The project aims at contributing and stimulating a strong, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, and creating jobs through the establishment of conditions for increasing private investment in infrastructure and priority sectors made urgent in the wake of the global pandemic. 

Activities Performed:

Jade Advisory is providing assistance to the CNED to:

  1. Develop of the Terms   of for the recruitment of an international firm

  2. Help with the international firm's bid evaluation and selection process

  3. Assist the CNED in monitoring and evaluating the international firm's missions

  4. Provide technical assistance and advice to the CNED in areas related to its expertise

Jade Advisory is   contributing to the ope-rationalization and development of genuine PPP expertise through the transfer of the skills, technical, theoretical and   practical knowledge needed to manage PPP files. Jade will oversee the development of PPP methodological tools, as well as the various key stakeholders in the PPP sector, particularly in relation to the financial   aspects of the entire PPP process (assembly, management and follow-up) from the initial project identification phase, the preparation of tender documents, the targeting of potential private partners until closing and monitoring PPP transactions. 

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