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Support For The Promotion Of Public-Private Partnerships In Burundi  

Client : Support Agency for the implementation of Public-Private Partnership Contracts

Location : Burundi

Year : 2022 - Ongoing

Main Project Features:

To contribute to the promotion of public-private partnerships in Burundi, the project aims to :

  • Analyse the institutional, legal and regulatory framework relating to PPPs and suggesting recommendations for improvement.

  • Develop a PPP promotion strategy for the Support Agency for the Implementation of Public-Private Partnership Contracts (ARCP).

The mission will focus in particular on PPPs relating to the following priority areas:

  1. Energy

  2. Hydraulics (drinking water)

  3. Protected areas (biodiversity)

  4. Agriculture

  5. Health

Activities Performed:

Jade Advisory is supporting the project team in the development of a PPP promotion strategy for the PPP Contracts Support Agency (ARCP) and an action plan for their implementation through the realisation of the following missions:

  • Analysis of the capacities and experiences of ARCP staff and proposal for capacity building

  • Organization of three exchange trips with three African countries

  • Identification of good PPP contracting approaches in Burundi

  • Identification of major obstacles to the development of PPPs in Burundi.

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