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PPP For The Construction Of A New City On The Outskirts Of Bamako And Provision Of Technical Studies For Basic Infrastructure And The Access Road 

Client : Government of Mali 

Location : Mali

Year : 2021 - 2022

Main Project Features:

The project to create a new town on the land heritage of Real estate company “MANDINGUE IMMO-SAS”, located on the plateaus of the Manding mountains, aims to avoid the phenomenon of anarchic urbanization based on the absence of spatial planning instruments. and provide equipped and well-structured housing areas to reduce socio-economic disparities in Mali.


The main objective of the project is to carry out a major and unique land transaction. The new town project is in the Sikoulou area, on the north-eastern outskirts of Bamako 

Activities Performed:

Khaled was selected to prepare the study of a Public Private Partnership (PPP) with the aim of exploring the methods of financing by the private sector of the development works of the access roads and various networks to the delimited area., compensation measures for expropriations and construction work on structuring roads and various networks within the framework of a Public-Private Partnership. 

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Urban Development Of The Yaoundé Bypass And Organization Of The Donors' Round Table

Client : European Union 

Location : Cameroon

Year : 2021 

Main Project Features:

The city of Yaoundé, "city of the seven hills" is the political capital of Cameroon. It is located in the   south central region of the country, at the crossroads of several sub-regional transport axes, the most important of which is that it connects the ports of Kribi and Douala on the one hand, to Chad and the Central African Republic on the other hand, by serving the Cameroon hinterland.


Despite competition from rail, road remains the main mode of transporting goods on the Douala / Kribi-Bangui / Ndjamena, Ndjamena-Yoko-Djoum-Ouesso-Brazzaville (and later Kinshasa) and Ndjamena-Yoko-Ambam-Libreville.


The Yaoundé bypass route is located in   the metropolitan area and totals more than 67 km. The overall objective of   the Yaoundé bypass construction project is the facilitation of international and local transport.

The Yaoundé bypass will also have to support future   urban developments. A large part of the city's local traffic can then be transferred to the Yaoundé bypass via a grid of radial lanes which will be developed for this purpose.

Activities Performed:

The overall objective of the study conducted by Jade is to provide technical support to the Cameroonian authorities in:

  1. Reflection on an overall development logic on the rights-of-way of the Yaoundé bypass adjacent to the main intersections and hubs with intercepted roads to make the area of ​​direct influence a real vector of planning and sustainable development for the whole of Greater Yaoundé.

  2. The organization of a round table of donors for the financing of the Yaoundé bypass project in PPP and other projects which contribute to regional integration in Central Africa. 

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