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Technical, Financial and Legal Assistance for Feasibility Study of a Greenfield Wholesale Market in Ismailia and/or Delta Egypt along with the Preparation of the full Tender Documents for the Construction and Operation & Maintenance under the Proposed PPP Scheme

Client : Agence Française de Développement/ Ministry of Supply and Internal Trade (MoSIT)

Location : Egypt

Year : 2022 - ongoing

Main Project Features:

To meet the needs of the ever-growing Egyptian population, to guarantee food safety and security to all, to reduce food waste and to stabilize the prices of basic commodities, the project aims to the creation of a rationalized network of modern logistical hubs dedicated to food trade, focusing on the Ismailia and Sharkeya Governorates. The project cost estimate is EUR 165m.

Activities Performed:

Jade Advisory is supporting the MoSIT and AFD on the technical, environment and social, legal, fiscal and financial aspects of the Project through:

  • Site selection

  • Conducting the Project feasibility based on several aspects (including market study, stakeholders’ involvement, construction programme, benefits, risks analysis, etc.) and providing implementation conditions, including for legal aspects

  • Analysing the opportunity to implement a PPP (concession), assessing the possible impacts and risks, studying the technical, legal and financial feasibility of the arrangement and defining a legal and financial strategy to be adopted

  • Conducting a detailed study of the selected option of PPP structuration

  • Providing technical Assistance for the preparation of Tender Documents for the Commissioning of the Pilot (including construction, operation, maintenance, supervision, and PPP model for the Pilot).

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