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Preparation Of The 2021-2025 NEPAD-IPPF Strategic Business Plan (SBP) 

Client : African Development Bank

Location : Ivory Coast

Year : 2021 

Main Project Features:

NEPAD-IPPF is a project preparation fund hosted by the AfDB and supported by multiple donors. The main objective of NEPAD-IPPF is to propel investment in infrastructure by creating a pool of bankable projects that are regional in nature. The objective of the mission is to prepare a new SBP for NEPAD-IPPF covering the 5-year period 2021-2025. 

Activities Performed:

Jade's mission is to support the Department of Infrastructure and Urban Development (PICU) in the preparation of the SBP through:

  • Document review of background documents, existing data and reports

  • Review of the implementation of the SBP 2016-2020

  • Consultations with the Bank's senior management and professional staff from the relevant infrastructure sector involved in the development of infrastructure projects

  • Consultation with stakeholders and external partners

  • Preparation of working papers

  • Organize and facilitate a thematic webinar and stakeholder consultation workshop.

  • Drafting and finalization of the new SBP for immediate use by NEPAD-IPPF. 

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