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Operationalization And Establishment Of The Libya PPP Unit And Support To Libya PPP Company (LPPPC)


Client : Libyan Company for PPP and African Development Bank 

Location : Libya

Year : 2020 - 2021 

Main Project Features:

The Libyan economy is at a critical juncture as the Government confronts the daunting challenges of stabilizing the economic environment and implementing much-needed reforms, after a long period of unrest in the country.

The economic infrastructure has been significantly degraded during the last nine years, The Libyan authorities should address issues including unemployment, institutional capacity building, improving the quality of education,rebuilding infrastructure, putting in place an efficient social safety net, and financial market development.

Cognizant of the importance and role of the private sector and in order to establish a structured framework for the development of PPPs in Libya and govern their fields of action, the Ministry of Finance decided to create for the first time a unit for Public Private Partnerships (PPP) embedded within the Ministry. The legal framework allowing   for the functioning of this unit is yet to be regulated.

Activities Performed:

Jade Advisory was requested to provide knowledge, capacity, advice and experience to lay the ground for the establishment of a well-functioning PPP framework. Jade Advisory will set up the framework of the novel Libyan PPP Company, as   well as determining the capacity building needed for the different   stakeholders involved in the work done by this company, identifying the challenges of its ope-rationalization and proposed actions to attain the   goals, and bringing the experience and lessons learnt from other countries of   the region and beyond.


This could be summarized in 3 components:

  1. Establishing a PPP unit and Developing capacity and skills transfer.

  2. Developing a PPP legal and institutional framework.

  3. Identifying an initial pipeline of PPP projects and preparing pilot PPP projects. 

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