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PPP For The Irrigated Perimeter Of Kandiourou And Touraba 

Client : UEMOA (West African Economic and Monetary Union)

Location : Mali

Year : 2021 

Main Project Features:

The agricultural sector is one of the   engines of the economy of the UEMOA Member States, contributing on average,

to the tune of 34% to GDP (World Bank, 2016), it occupies, depending on the country, between 60% and 85% of the working population and constitutes the main source of income for the majority of the population.


As part of achieving food security through the implementation of the EU Agricultural Policy (PAU), the UEMOA Commission has taken action to develop areas with high agricultural potential in the Member States.


In this context, the Malian State has allocated two (2) parcels of land to the UEMOA Commission, Kandiourou and Touraba, in the Niono Circle of the Niger Office Zone, in the form of a 50-year renewable emphyteotic lease. The two parcels total an area of 11,288 hectares.

The implementation of the project, mainly funded from the own resources of the   UEMOA Commission, achieved a physical implementation rate under Component 1"Infrastructure Development", estimated at 83% by the   Implementation Agency. 

Activities Performed:

Jade Advisory is leading a team that assessed the costs of completing the Touraba plot, updating the costs of carrying out the work on the Kandiourou plot, producing a financing document with effective PPP options for managing and operating hydro-agricultural perimeters; and the development the RFP to select a private partner. 

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