PPP For The Construction And Management Of The Sidi Rahal Perimeter Irrigation Network From The Casablanca Desalination Plant And Technical Assistance For The Signing Of The Partnership Contract 

Client : Department of Irrigation and Development of Agricultural Space  

Location : Morocco

Year : 2022 

Main Project Features:

In Greater Casablanca, the recommendations of the National Water Plan (PNE) essentially consist of the construction of a desalination plant to secure the drinking water supply of this large city.


This projected seawater desalination unit is planned to be built to supply drinking water to Greater Casablanca by 2030 and will be sized for an eventual capacity of around 300 Mm³ in 2 phases (phase 1 in 2026: 200 Mm³/year and phase 2 in 2034: 300 Mm³/year) to enable: 

  • The substitution of current withdrawals from the Oum Er Rbia for the supply of the south of greater Casablanca, Berrechid / Settat on the one hand and the coverage of increases in demand by 2050 on the other hand; 

  • The irrigation of an irrigated perimeter in the coastal area between Sidi Rahal and Azemmour for the irrigation of high value-added crops (annual water needs estimated at 30 Mm³). 

For this purpose, the Ministry of Agriculture has planned the development of the agricultural perimeter in the coastal area between Sidi Rahal and Azemmour with high value-added crops. 

Activities Performed:

Khaled's mission is to develop the following services on behalf of the DIAEA: 

  • The analysis of the technical feasibility of the project allowing the implementation of the irrigation project; 

  • Prior assessment for the structuring of the project according to the law in force; 

  • The development of the documents necessary for the promotion and the transaction of the project; 

  • Support to the Ministry for the launch of the Call for Tenders, the selection of the private partner and during the negotiations relating to the finalization of the transaction. 

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