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Architectural And Technical Studies Of The Kara Agropark And Preparation Of The Tender Documents 


Client : Agency for the Promotion and Development of Agropoles 

Location : Togo

Year : 2020 - 2021 

Main Project Features:

The Togo Agri-Food Transformation Project   (PTA-Togo) is part of the new agricultural policy which aims to create more   added value through production, processing and exports, while ensuring the   social inclusion and environmental protection. It advocates the development   approach based on the promotion of agropoles, coupled with the use of   innovative financing mechanisms, particularly in the form of private investments   and public-private partnerships (PPP).

Through the Kara agropole, the objective   is to create, in a small and developed area, the conditions for private   investors to take an interest in the agricultural sector and settle in the agropark.

Activities Performed:

Jade Advisory carried out the following missions:

  • Carrying out  summary and detailed technical studies

  • Carrying out  the study on the RAP resettlement action plan specific to the Agropark

  • Establishing of  the tender documents for the consultation of construction companies

  • Preparing the  financial investment model of the project.

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