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PPP For Heritage Buildings And Urban Regeneration 

Client : Expertise France 

Location : Tunisia

Year : 2021 

Main Project Features:

In 2016, the Tunisian authorities adopted a Development Plan with the main objectives of launching important institutional and economic reforms and boosting investment. The modernization and diversification of tourism, the mainstay of the Tunisian economy, is a priority of this plan.


In this context, the   development of heritage is an important lever for economic and social   development while promoting the cultural offer for tourists and Tunisians alike. The European Program to support the diversification of tourism, the development of handicrafts and the enhancement of cultural heritage - Tounes Wijhetouna ("Tunisia: our destination") is a response to the need   for reform formulated by the Tunisian authorities. It aims to support the   diversification of Tunisia's tourism offer by creating synergies between the   tourism, handicrafts, local products and cultural heritage sectors.


These   synergies, in order to be effective, must be based on a qualitative   strengthening of each of these sectors. The overall objective of the program is to contribute to Tunisia's sustainable and inclusive economic development. This program is piloted by Expertise France in close partnership   with the French Ministry of Culture. It will benefit the Ministry of Cultural Affairs (MAC) and the Ministry of Local Affairs and Environment (MALE) in Tunisia.

Dedicated to the enhancement of heritage sites, the project is   divided into two main components:

  1. Support for the appropriation, preservation and enhancement of Tunisian built heritage

  2. Support for the modernization of the Carthage Museum and the enhancement of its   environment. 

Activities Performed:

Jade Advisory’s mission is divided into four activities:


  • Activity 1: Diagnosis and evaluation of PPP   projects for heritage buildings and urban regeneration

  • Activity 2: Designing tools for heritage buildings and urban regeneration thru PPP

  • Activity 3: Accompanying public owners

  • Activity 4: Training. 

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